Eye Stye Cause

Published: 12th January 2010
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Eye Stye Infection

All individuals could have possibly experienced having a swelling in the outside and even in the inside of their eye lids. Such bump can be really annoying and painful too. This condition is recognized as the eye stye.

The eye stye is formed when the oil glad of an eyelid has become blocked with excess oil that it can no longer work normally. Other than oil clogging, the eye stye can also be a direct result of bacteria or dusts build up on the eye lid. But there are studies that have disclosed that too much emphasis can also cause eye stye. In worst cases, a complication can happen in the form of blepharitis. But then once more, there is nothing to be concerned about because eye stye is not a dangerous problem. It can be handled consequently without having to go to a surgical process unless needed.

What are eye stye's symptoms?

One of the known symptoms of styes is that it makes the eye watery. You may experience watery feeling in your eye before you notice that a stye is forming in your eye lid. Associated with it is the redness and the itchy feeling that you will encounter too. For some situation, a feeling of pain around the eyes is also recorded. After the symptoms have persist in a couple of days, you will notice a reddish bump in your eye lid. In the first days of its formation, your eyes will become sensitive to lights and a feeling that your eyes are bruised can likewise occur. In such cases, don't be alarmed because it is just but common that you will encounter it.

In most aggravated eye stye condition, you will notice that a yellow spot on the bump in the eye may develop too. You might even think that you have a pimple in your eye. But on the contrary, eye stye can develop a yellow spot too. This condition is known as internal hordeolum. With this condition, pus is expected to develop in the process. This is more painful as compared to the red bump. But nevertheless, you just have to wait for the eye stye to mature and for the pus to burst. After which, the pain will eventually subside and your stye will be healed in immediately. You have to be careful though, because eye stye that is accumulating pus may interfere with the vision especially if it is getting bigger with each passing day.

A more complicated eye stye happens when the condition does not go away after a couple of days. If this happen, an eye doctor must immediately be contacted. This is because the situation may be elevated into being a chalazion. A simple remedy will not help ease out eye stye. A doctor may recommend a surgery to remove it. Although the inflammation may ease and reduced gradually, the hard bump will remain and the swelling may continue to exist as well. Hence, it is always advised to keep take care of your eyes.

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